You can help us combat these issues. Supporting tree planting where it is needed most will ensure a healthier planet for generations to come. And it’s as simple as starting or joining a fundraiser.

How It Works


Create your own fundraiser and share why you want to plant trees.


Increase your impact by inviting your friends, family, and coworkers to be a part of your efforts.

Start Your Fundraiser Now

Reasons to Start

a Tree Planting Fundraiser


Instead of gifts, ask your friends and family to support trees where they’re needed most.

Start a Birthday Fundraiser


Weddings, retirements, holidays, and graduations are great occasions to ask for the gift of trees.

Start a Fundraiser for Your Special Day

Outdoor Adventures

Dedicate your next marathon, hike, or other adventure and set a fundraising goal to get trees in the ground.

Start an Outdoor Adventure Fundraiser

Every Day is Special

Maybe you don’t need an event to make a difference. Create a unique fundraiser and inspire those around you.

Start a Fundraiser That Makes Every Day About Trees

The Programs You Support

You can choose one of two Arbor Day Foundation tree planting efforts to support, by either planting in communities or forests of greatest need.

Plant Trees in Communities

The Community Tree Recovery program was created in response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and expanded in 2012 after tornadoes and fires caused widespread destruction across Alabama, Missouri, and Texas. These long-term recovery efforts have since grown to 27 active campaigns in 18 different states. When a natural disaster strikes, we work with local and corporate partners to host tree planting and distribution events in these areas, planting and giving free trees to affected homeowners. Support from your fundraisers will go toward funding tree plantings and distributions in communities of greatest need.

Plant Trees in Communities

Plant Trees in Forests

Commemorate life’s events in a lasting, meaningful way through the planting of trees in forests. Your efforts will fund reforestation efforts, working to replant millions of acres of forestland destroyed by wildfire and other natural disasters. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or honoring the memory of a lost loved one, you can invite family and friends to contribute to restoring our nation’s forests. Support from your fundraisers will plant trees in forests of greatest need.

Plant Trees in Forests

Need a little help getting started?

Check out How to Raise Money for the Causes You Love. This helpful guide gives you everything you need to create a successful fundraiser. You’ll learn how to set up your page, ask for donations, and promote your campaign.

Need more info to get your fundraising page in tip-top shape? Feel free to email us at [email protected].